Mystical marriage wisdom

I just listened to this podcast and was very impressed. Sam Krause challenges the popular culuture’s ideas about what makes a good relationship. He tells the true story of how husbands and wives need to relate in order to bring out the best in themselves and each other. You can hear his show here.

Chores Make the House Work

Often one partner wishes the other would pitch in to help out with a particular chore. Find out how to resolve such issues by seeing what Berger suggests to a wife who wants her husband to do the after dinner clean up like he used to before their children were born. Advice here for better cooperation around chores.

Great Marriage Video on Today Show March 14, 2012

A couple talks about how they make a good marriage better. 86% of viewers surveyed said they have a good marriage. And 87% said it could be better!

Ask yourself these questions way before tying the knot

I highly recommend this article for singles who are seeking a marriage partner for a fulfilling, lasting marriage:

Just Married!

Devora Leah, a participant in Marcia Naomi Berger’s “Marry With Confidence” workshop in San Francisco (for single women seeking marriage) over a year ago is now married.

She had a beautiful wedding in San Rafael on November 14, 2011.

They look lovely and very happy together. Let’s wish them a wonderful life together filled with good health, happiness, and spiritual and material prosperity.

As this couple desires privacy so soon after their wedding, names and identifying details have been changed or omitted.

Marin Marriage Club plans couples class

Create the marriage you’ve always wanted! Couples of all ages and stages are invited to attend the September 14, 2011 class. Gain skills to conduct a weekly Marriage Meeting that keeps your relationship on track. The meetings foster romance, intimacy, teamwork, and smoother conflict resolution.

The class meets 6:45 – 8:45 P.M. in the conference room at 1050 Northgate Drive, San Rafael, in office building across lot from Four Points Sheraton Hotel. Call 415-491-4801 to register and get free copy of ebook Marriage Meeting Starter Kit.  More information here.

I asked Timothy West, MFT, his thoughts on the subject because I’d been pondering aobut it for a while. It jars me when someone says “We got divorced because we grew apart.” I have my doubts about that. If a couple stays in touch emotionally, learns how to communicate effectively, have fun together, work as a team, and resolve conflicts smoothly, I don’t think the partners will grow apart. I think it’s more about staying committed to the relationship, which included learning what it takes to keep it healthy and applying the knowledge day by day.

I agree with Tim, who said, “They don’t grow apart. They fall asleep!”

What do you think?

Don't like meetings?

On hearing about my pending book, The Marriage Meeting Program: 45 Minutes a Week to Guarantee the Long Term Relationship You’ve Always Wanted, many people say, “Good idea.” But not everyone is eager to dive in. Why some people are too shy to try a meeting and convincing reasons for them to do it any way are presented in two of my articles on