Couples Therapy

I believe in marriage. My approach in working with couples is to empower them with tools and skills to create a relationship that supports the growth and vitality of both partners.

Couples therapy provides a unique opportunity for partners to gain clarity, increase acceptance of themselves and each other, and to  communicate in ways that foster intimacy, teamwork, and smoother resolution of conflicts.

If you come in for a session as soon as you sense an impasse in your relationship, you may be able to resolve an issue quickly. If you wait until ill feelings have persisted over time, you are more likely to benefit from ongoing therapy together and/or individually. Typically, it takes time to change an entrenched pattern. In such cases I say that such changes are more likely to happen in baby steps, because I want to encourage realistic expectations.

Many of us grew up without role models for a good marriage, having had parents who divorced or stayed together in misery. Through therapy, you can learn how to create a successful marriage and keep it thriving. My approach is practical and holistic. I integrate cognitive-behavioral, family systems, and psychodynamic approaches in a manner that recognizes the strengths each partner brings into their relationship.

It takes courage and humility to seek professional help for a relationship concern. I have tremendous respect for all of my clients for taking this positive step toward a more fulfilling life.

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