About All Workshops

  • Lively, amusing, and immensely useful training opportunities.
  • Trainers use a combination of didactic teaching, live demonstrations, and breakout group practice with emphasis on skill building.
  • Workshops are in person or can be easily accessible from anywhere on any device with WiFi.

I am dedicated to being sensitive to your needs and to helping in a way that fits for you.









Marriage Meeting Program workshops empower couples to keep their relationship on track without the need for ongoing couples therapy.  If your marriage is reasonably good or better,  you should find it pretty easy to implement the program once you learn how in a short workshop.

Private consultations are available for addressing any relationship concern, to improve communication, and to gain skills to conduct Marriage Meetings.

Marry With Confidence workshops are designed to jump start marriage-minded singles to overcome the particular obstacles that may be getting in the way of achieving their goal.

The Social Work discipline is committed to “helping people to help themselves.” The above programs give people tools and skills to use all their lives to create lasting, fulfilling relationships that support the growth and vitality of both partners.

Please feel free to phone me for additional information at 415-491-4801 and to share your thoughts on the Your Turn blog. Thank you.

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