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  1. Todd C. says:

    I am very interested in your Marriage Meeting Kit. My wife & I just discussed about the benefits of holding a weekly accountability meeting as a couple to stregnthen our relationship. I started looking for some ideas & support on the internet and came across your articles. By the way they are great!
    I was wondering is there some advise or outline on how to develop a Couples Meeting Agenda in your kit?

    • Thank you, Todd, for asking, and also for the compliment. Yes, The last page of the Marriage Meeting Starter Kit is an agenda form. It serves as an outline for a Marriage Meeting. This form provides the four-part agenda, instructions for how to conduct each part, and blank areas to fill before meeting with details to include in the discussion.

  2. Christopher Coffman says:

    The teamwork article is excellent. Enjoyed it very much. I would add that Susan and I are not sports stars. We don’t keep score. If I do the dishes eight times in one day, I don’t expect her to do them 8 times the next day. And she agrees with me that a scorecard is unnecessary. The marriage team does what is needed when one of us is available. The goal is important, not the score.

    Chris Coffman

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