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Psychotherapist, Consultant, Speaker, Instructor.

Conduct psychotherapy in private practice, with individuals, couples, and families.

Instructor of current online continuing education class for psychologists, social workers, marriage and family counselors, and other professionals:  The Marriage Meeting Program: A Strength Based Approach for Successful Relationships.

Instructor for  National Association of Social Workers (NASW) online continuing education class: “The Marriage Meeting Program: A Strength-Based Approach for Successful 21st Century Relationships.”

Instructor for continuing education class for psychotherapists at University of California Berkeley Extension and Alliant International University, San Francisco.

Present public outreach programs: “The Marriage Meeting Program,” “Positive Communication Skills,” “Communications Coaching for Everyone,” and “Marry With Confidence.” Local sponsoring organizations include San Rafael Community Services, Jewish Family and Children’s Services of Marin, Larkspur Library, Marin County Civic Center Library, Richmond Torah Center, and the YMCA. 2002 – current.

Presenter at CAMFT (California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists) and NASW (National Association of Social Workers) conferences.

Presenter at retreats, workshops, seminars, and community events.

Guest on over seventy radio and television shows in many states in the USA.


Author of Internationally Published Books:

Marriage Meetings for Lasting Love: 30 Minutes a Week to the Relationship You’ve Always Wanted (New World Library, February 2014)

Marriage Minded: An A to Z Dating Guide for Lasting Love (She Writes Press, September, 2021)

Columnist for As San Francisco Relationship-Communications Examiner, with tips for married and singles with ideas for more fulfilling relationships.

Columnist for Psych Central, Huffington Post, Therapy Today,, and others.

Publisher of online newsletter: Marriage Maven’s News and Views.


Crisis Counselor at Marin Suicide Prevention and Community Counseling, a program of the Family Service Agency of Marin. Provided telephone counseling to callers in crisis, many of whom had psychiatric diagnoses,  information and referrals.  (1 year)

Planner/Evaluator, Marin County Office of Alcohol and Drug Programs, Department of Health and Human Services, San Rafael, California. Monitored agencies for compliance with state and county standards, evaluated proposals for funding, reviewed and negotiated contracts, provided technical assistance. December (1 year)

Executive Director, Jewish Family and Children’s Services of the East Bay. Supervised staff, served as liaison between agency and community, performed administrative functions of budget preparation, program and board development, and fund raising. (4 years)

Senior Psychiatric Social Worker, San Francisco General Hospital-University of California Medical Center. Provided diagnostic, treatment, and discharge planning services to psychiatric inpatients on locked ward; chaired weekly meetings with staff from outside agencies, supervised graduate social work students and coordinated their training program. 1977- 1981. (4 years)

Lecturer, University of California School of Medicine, San Francisco. Honorary appointment for training psychiatric residents and medical students. (14 years simultaneously along with other employment )

Senior Psychiatric Social Worker, Alcoholism Evaluation and Treatment Center (subsequently renamed the Tom Smith Substance Abuse Treatment Center), Bureau of Alcoholism, San Francisco.Provided individual, family, and group therapy. Coordinated outpatient services department and internship program. 1972 – 1977. (5 years)

Senior Child Welfare Worker, Child Welfare Division of Department of Social Services, San Francisco. Supervised foster care placements, counseled parents of children in placement, wrote court reports. (4 years)


M.S.W. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Field placements provided training in psychotherapy at children’s outpatient psychiatric clinic, Wayne County Juvenile Court Clinic for Child Study during first year; at outpatient psychiatry department of Veterans Administration hospital during second year. Received National Institute of Mental Health grant.

B.A. Binghamton University (Harpur College), State University of New York, Binghamton, New York. English and General Literature. Sixteen credits towards degree earned at Harvard University.

Post-Graduate training at the Family Therapy Institute of Marin and the Tavistock training program in Berkeley, California,


National Organization of Social Workers (NASW)

NASW  Specialty Practice Section: Private Practice

California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, Marin chapter

International Academy of Collaborative Professionals

California Writers Club, Marin Branch, Critique Group Coordinator


Articles about Marriage and Marriage Meetings in print publications:

Berger, Marcia Naomi, “The Marriage Meeting Program,” article in student textbook for The Art of Marriage class, Jewish Learning Institute (JLI). Brooklyn, New York, The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute, 2012. JLI classes taught throughout U.S.A and in 19 other countries.

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Weiland, Vicki, ed., The 2009 San Francisco Writer’s Conference Anthology: Building Bridges from Writers to Readers, an anthology. Berger, Marcia Naomi, LCSW, “How to Get the Marriage You’ve Always Wanted.”  Bloomington, Indiana, iUniverse, 2009.

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Articles on Suite

Berger, Marcia Naomi, “Length of Marriage is No Reason to Stop Growing; Long Term Married Couples Can Spice Up Relationship,” January 30, 2010.

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Articles on (partial list)

Berger, Marcia Naomi, “Good Marriage Supports Growth, Vitality of Both Partners,” July 16, 2010.

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Articles on

Berger, Marcia Naomi, “How to Disagree,” April 23, 2010.

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Other articles in print publications

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