She’s married now — Dina’s testimonial

Dina and Boruch on a date at the Sea of Galilee

Soon after attending a “Marry With Confidence” workshop for single women in San Francisco, Dina Solomon met the man she married in March, 2010.  Dina’s first marriage ended in divorce and she has grown children. She describes the class as “instrumental” to her success in marrying her husband.

Dina told workshop instructor Marcia Naomi Berger, LCSW, “You brought to light some things that allowed me to really work on blockages, to identify my own personal blockages. Dina graciously agreed to allow her real name to appear in this article, saying, “Because I was given so much love and support, I want to be there for other people.”

Summarizing what she learned in the class, Dina said:

“So many of us say we want to get married but we don’t really have a clear picture. We’re not aware of what we’re doing that prevents us from reaching the goal that we want. Your class was so instrumental in allowing me to think about the things I really needed to think about to do the work and identify my own blockages.

“Sincerely, like really trimming down my list of what I think I wanted versus what do I really need. We all have these grand lists. So many things aren’t realistic.

“You really need to think about “What do I really need?” And the homework assignment about “What do I have to offer?” We get so busy about what we want…I don’t really think about complimenting myself. What do I bring to the relationship?

“Doing the exercises during the class and the homework gave me a clarity that got me that much closer—it was internal work that allowed me to do some serious work and thought, for example, we don’t really say nice things about ourselves. We need to elevate our own self-image, to realize, “I am lovable.” After your class, it was like “Wow!”

“Repeatedly I went back to my lists and the homework and used them as references to go back to and learn more. It stayed with me until I met Boruch Josef.”

Dina met Boruch Yosef in October, 2009, on, when she was living Stockton, California. After daily phone conversations for two months, she met him in person in Safad, Israel, where he was living.  They had a beautiful wedding in March 2010 in Safad, where they currently reside.

“The class got me to think about what I have to offer and what am I doing to sabotage accomplishing my goal. After taking the class, I felt like I had a tangible plan to get married and material to read and work on. This is huge.”

UPDATE:  February 20, 2019. Now married for almost nine years, Dina writes to Marcia Naomi Berger: “I still am so very grateful for the workshop that you gave to help me/us overcome obstacles to getting married. And I have drawn upon what I learned countless times to help others yearning to be reunited with their true zivug.”


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