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  1. Excellent advice for those married for years, as well as those about to marry.

  2. constance lopez says:

    Hello, my name is Constance and I wanted to know when you are having another workshop on The Marriage Meeting Workshop, and if this workshop may be offered in the form of a video workshop in the future. Please free to email me, thank you.

    • Hello Constance,

      I keep scheduling the Marriage Meeting workshop, and you can view when the next one is on my blog. I have three workshops listed on this blog, on the home page and on other pages too. I like your idea for a video workshop. Thank you for the suggestion; it could be useful for folks who live too far away to easily get to a workshop in the San Francisco Bay Area. Do you think that we could capture the fun, energy, and excitement via video that is generated when people come in person to a workshop and get to interact face to face, share wisdom and and role-play.

  3. hilda deavall says:

    Hi why can I not buy the ebook. I live in South Africa and am unable to find my country

    • You can pay for the book via paypal and I will then email it to you as an attachment. Do you want to do that?

    • Replying again to Hilda Deavall in South Africa: I just talked to a PayPal employee who said they serve 190 countries including South Africa! If the order system on my blog does not work for your situationi, you can simply log onto PayPal and pay me directly that way. When I receive the notice from PayPal (which happens quickly) I can promptly email the book to you.

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