MEEK Mothers of Teens Unite

I don’t think of myself as an overly permissive parent. But after publishing a tongue-in-cheek article about MEEK, a pseudo-organization I allegedly founded for moms whose teenagers complain about being embarrassed by them (after all we’ve done for them :-)) I wondered.

MEEK is an acronym for Mothers Eternally Embarrassing Kids.

Here is what is true in my article:

My friend Gittel, experienced mother of nine, has already raised several teenage boys who are now past voting age.  She really did say when my son Avi was 13 that the only way I could not embarrass him would be put a bag over his head. Whoops, Freudian slip!  I meant “to put a bag over my head.”

When I mentioned this to Avi, he really did ask, sounding hopeful, “Would you really do that?


  1. Richard Posner says:

    Young teens are embarrassed if their parents are simply in the same state!

  2. LOL! Thank you, Richard. 🙂

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