I asked Timothy West, MFT, his thoughts on the subject because I’d been pondering aobut it for a while. It jars me when someone says “We got divorced because we grew apart.” I have my doubts about that. If a couple stays in touch emotionally, learns how to communicate effectively, have fun together, work as a team, and resolve conflicts smoothly, I don’t think the partners will grow apart. I think it’s more about staying committed to the relationship, which included learning what it takes to keep it healthy and applying the knowledge day by day.

I agree with Tim, who said, “They don’t grow apart. They fall asleep!”

What do you think?


  1. Connie says:

    I guess “fall asleep” is a good analogy. I tell my husband, “What you do not nurture either withers and dies and goes elsewhere for nourishment.” My Aunt always said, “If you don’t pay attention to your spouse, someone else will.”

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