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May 2024 Releasing My Shame

April 2024 When Your Loved One Has a Mental Illness

January 2024 Resolved for 2024: to Watch My Words

October, 2023 Relationships: Are You Willing to Be Silly?

July 2023 “If your emotional home is in a bad place, think about moving.” 

April 2023 Quick Tip for Lasting Love: Reverse the Order by Asking First 

March 2023 Intimacy Involves More Than Just Sex

February 2023 How to Succeed with Couple Therapy

January 2023 A New Year, A New You?


December 2022 Revisiting Mars, Venus, and John Gray

November 2022 Do You Need a Cuss Jar?

October 2022 From Single to Married: Five Stages of Change

September 2022 Why Changing Behavior Can Take So Long

August 2022 10 Tips for Lasting Love

July 2022 Conflict: Do You Lean in or Withdraw?

June 2022 Is Your Communication Working?

May 2022 Marry with Confidence

April 2022 Relationship Mentors: Why You Might Need One

March 2022  Relationships: Are You Taking Healthy Risks?

February 2022 Has Lasting Love Become an Oxymoron?

January 2022 Resolved for 2022: To Do More Self-Reflection —  Aggh!


December 2021 Buster Posey’s Message: Balancing Work and Family Life

November 2021 Dating and Marriage “Facts” — True or False?

October 8, 2021 Book Launch this Sunday, October 10th!

October 2021 Five Ways (or More) You Can Show Love

September 2021 On Second Chances in Baseball, Marriage, and Elsewhere

August 2021 Changing a Relationship Pattern, One Step at a Time

Extra: July 15 Dating with Confidence Summit July 28-30

July 2021 Do You Raise Each Other Up?

June 2021 Do Your Words Come from Your Heart?

May 2021 Boost Your Relationship: Use the 80/20 Rule

April 2021 Enlightened Self-Interest—What a Concept!

March 2021  Do I Really Need to Apologize?

February 2021 An Easy Way You Can Show Love

January 2021 Resolved: Not to Work on My Relationship in 2021


December 2020 When Your Prince Turns into a Frog

November 2020 Applying Steven Covey’s “Main Thing” Advice to Marriage

October 2020 When Your Marriage Reminds You of a Ceramics Project

September 2020 Who Are You Really Mad At?

August 2020 Tears and Growth  in Feldenkrais and Psychotherapy

July 2020 Is Someone Holding a Grudge against You?

June 2020 Love at First Sound: On Audiobooks and Marriage

May 2020 Telephone or Video Therapy Helpful During This Crisis? 

April 2020 Quick Tip: Enlightened Self-Interest Promotes a Happy Marriage

March 2020 Extra! Dr. Hallowell’s Tips to Stay Positive in Today’s Upside-Down World

March 2020 Eavesdropping on Kevin and Anita’s Marriage Meeting

February 2020  Finding True Love via Sushi vs. Pizza

January 2020  Quick Tip: Resolve to Apply the 5:1 Ratio in 2020


December 2019  How to Stop Holding

a Grudge

November 2019  How to Give a Powerful Compliment 

October 2019  Should You Get Therapy or Life Coaching?

August 2009  If You Marry Quickly, Will it Last?

July 2019  Quick tip: Marry Someone Who Can Stand You

June 2019  Quick Tip: To Build Trust, Keep Your Agreements

May 2019  Quick Tip: Instead of Complaining, Ask Kindly

April 2019 Relationships: Do Opposites Really Attract?

February 2019  Mindfulness Matters in Marriage — and Roller-Skating

January 2019  How the Repetition Compulsion Can Affect Your Marriage


December 2018  Do Couples Grow Apart or Fall Asleep?

November 2018 Extra  Holiday Fever  —  What’s the Cure?

November 2018  Is Dating Different for Millennial Women?

October 2018  Getting Your Needs Met in a Relationship  — Do You Rebuke or Request?

September 2018 How Good Therapy Fosters Success in Marriage

August 2018 Memoir Says How They Saved Their Marriage 

July 2018 Extra: Berger Demos Self-Talk Technique

July 2018 Yes, You Can Marry a Prince

June 2018 To Keep Your Relationship Great, Volunteer!

May 2018 What’s So Great About Marriage Meetings?

April 2018 Finding Love Later in Life

March 2018 Marriage Maven Gets Personal

February 2018 Dealing with Trauma Helps Relationships Succeed

January 2018  New Years Resolution Couples Make Together


December 2017  Got Holiday Stress? Strategize

November 2017  Is He (or She) Ready for Marriage?

October 2017  What If You Suspect an Emotional Affair?

September 2017 What True Love Looks Like

August 2017 When Your Spouse Touches a Nerve

July 2017  Am I Safe Being Vulnerable with Him?

June 2017  Marriage: Ball & Chain or Better You?    (click near top: Display images below.”)

May 2017  Do BFF Spouses Have More Romance?

April 2017  Marriage  What Were You Expecting?

March 2017  Can He Learn to Show You More Empathy?

February 2017  Stretching Awesome — in Yoga and Marriage

January 2017 – Hooray for Marriage Mentors!


December 2016 – World Champion Cubs Toss Marriage Tips

November 2016 – Marriage Meetings—Right for Evcryone? 

October 2016 – Can a Great Marriage Have Ongoing Conflicts?

September 2016 – Money, Money, Money! Affects Dating and Marriage 

August 2016 – Can I Really Guarantee My Marriage

July 2016 – How to Fall in Love with Your Spouse—Again and Again

June 2016 – All the Single Ladies—Why’s That?

May 2016 – The Boys in the Boat Inspires Marriage Metaphor

April 2016-  Deciding to Marry Takes Leap of Faith

March 2016 – Does Romance Still Flow in Your Marriage?

February 2016 – When Silence is Your Best Response

January 2016 – Chemistry Counts—But How Much?


December, 2015 – Negotiate the Marriage You’ve Always Wanted

November, 2015 – The Biggest Threat to a Marriage

October, 2015 – Do I Deserve a Better Spouse?

September 2015 – Cure Stonewalling and Save Your Relationship

August 2015 – How to Deal With a Difficult Person

July 2015 – Disarming the Four Horsemen that Threaten Marriages

June 2015 – Five Confessions of a Marriage Counselor

May 2015 – Is Marriage the New Counterculture?

April 2015 – Disagreeing—For Better or Worse

March 2015 – Is “No Problem” a Problem?

February 2015 – Why Compliments Are Powerful

January 2015 – Marriage: A Resolution You Can Keep


December 2014 – Getting Past Awkward Moments—in Baseball and Marriage (Part 2)

Extra! November 13, 2014 – Books and Writers TV show to feature Berger

November 2014 – SF Giants Model Winning Relationships

October 2014 – Marriage: Ball & Chain or Anchor?

September 2014 – Marriage vs. Cohabitation

August 2014 – Investing in Date Night Pays Off

June 2014 – 21st Century Marriage: Crisis or Opportunity?


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