Individual therapy

Individual therapy allows you to focus on whatever is on your mind with the assurance that you will be heard in a confidential, nonjudgmental setting.

People benefit from individual therapy in countless ways, a few of which include greater clarity and coping skills, increased self-confidence, better relationships with significant others, family members, co-workers; getting past fears, anxiety and depression, and achieving personal goals.

Good therapy offers a safe space to emotionally connect and be understood. It also provides powerful tools to turn around anxiety and depression.  After a few hours, or more, of therapy, clients can expect to feel equipped to manage their feelings about the situation brought them in and to apply new skills going forward in their lives.

I appreciate that it takes courage to open up about personal matters and respect you for valuing yourself enough to invest your time and energy into the therapy process. You may be seeking a skilled listener who will objectively hear your thoughts and feelings, providing a space for you to process them.  You may have goals you want to achieve or want solutions for dealing  with your unique challenges. I’m dedicated to being sensitive to your needs and to helping in ways that fit your concerns.

You’re welcome to phone me at 415-491-4801 for a complimentary get-acquainted consultation.


  1. Silas Knight says:

    I have heard a lot of good things about individual therapy. I have a friend who has been to counseling before, and she said it helps a lot. She especially mentioned the help it gave her in getting over anxiety and depression, like you mentioned.

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