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Speaking Topics

Marriage Meetings for Lasting Love. 

An easy way for couples to gain more intimacy, romance, teamwork and smoother resolution of issues. A marriage meeting is a short, loosely structured, gentle conversation for just the two of you. Guidelines, a simple agenda, and positive communication skills that insure success are presented. Concepts are illustrated step by step by speaker. Role playing by attendees is encouraged (not required) as an effective way to learn and practice holding each part of a marriage meeting.

Marry with Confidence– For Single Women.

Includes includes identifying and overcoming perceived  obstacles, tips for meeting men, dating successfully, choosing wisely, and creating a marriage that is fulfilling emotionally and spiritually as well as physically and materially so.

Am I the Marrying Type?

The answer is probably yes, once men and women learn how to get past what may be blocking them from creating relationships that develop into a successful marriage. The speaker will present several common blocks to marrying that people experience, then present practical information and techniques for becoming “the marrying type.”

Communicating with Your Loved One.

Seven positive communication skills are explained and demonstrated, step-by-step, with opportunities to practice via role playing (recommended, not required). These include Congruent Communication, Self-talk, Expressing Disagreement Kindly, I-Statements, Nonverbal Messages, Active Listening, and Constructive Feedback. All of these techniques can be used selectively to enhance relationships with a marriage or dating partner, as well as with family members, friends, coworkers, and others.

How Do I Date?

The presentation/workshop focuses on communication skills that foster great relationships. It’s designed to help marriage minded singles succeed in finding and gaining a lifelong partner.


Out of Town Bookings

Please bear in mind that sufficient unwinding time must be provided between airport arrival and pickup and start of event to allow your speaker to be rested and ready. Please plan your speaker’s flight departure/arrival times accordingly.

To maximize the potential for a successful event, Mrs. Berger respectfully requests to be provided with private lodging/facilities, be they at a private home or a quality hotel or motel.

Fee: $1,000.00 plus Lodging & Transportation. $500 is due upon reservation and is nonrefundable. The balance of an additional $500 is due at the event.

Contact information:  email mnaomiberger@gmail.com or phone 415-491-4801 to reserve your date today!

Local Bookings

Fees range from $250. to $500. for San Francisco Bay Area presentations. Phone 415-491-4801 to inquire.

“Last night we had Marcia Naomi Berger speak about relationships. She had practical knowledge to share. The audience was inspired and engaged, and people seemed excited to try implementing her ideas. She gave tools for dealing with people in any type of relationship, from the professional to the personal. Mixed audience. She lives locally, in Marin. We recommend her.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                              —Mrs. Miriam Chaya Ferris, Co-director, Chabad of the East Bay

For a customized program for your group or organization, call 415-491-4801.

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